Financial Benefits

Business Owners should always weigh carefully the pros and cons of using contract labor versus an Employee depending on the specific requirements and type of project.  The length of time, skill requirements and labor law rules will often be the determining factor to make that decision.

Payroll costs including payroll taxes as well as vacation, retirement, and insurance benefits are not required to be paid to Independent Contractors.  These types of costs can increase your total payroll and benefit expense amounts by twenty to fifty percent or more per year.  All 313StaffingSolution placements arrive, ready to work with current Liability, Work Driving and Worker's Comp Insurance.  There is no extra cost for the Employer Client.

Staffing Flexibility

Hiring contract labor allows you to hire people when you need them the most.  You can increase workers when it is very busy and not hire them when you do not need them.  Independent Contractors work with a large amount of autonomy.  They can decide how the work will be done as long as it satisfies the owner’s requirements.

 has the right to control or direct only the result of the work and not what work will be done.”

Higher Levels of Efficiency Quickly

Independent Contractors normally yield profits faster because they are highly skilled in certain areas.  They are required to have their own permits and licenses so they do not need to be trained like most employees.  In this way, ICs can be very efficient and effective in their work right from the beginning.


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